Allscripts EHR on the iPad? A Game Changer

It doesn't exist yet, but it can't be far away. In April of 2009 when Allscripts announced their new iPhone App called "Allscripts Remote" designed to allow mobile access to records stored in their EHR products, it was clear that the only thing holding the smart phone back from being the preferred device for clinical data capture was the lack of screen real estate. iPhone users everywhere knows that with few exceptions, iPhone Apps are some of the easiest to use programs available across all operating systems on all sorts of hardware.

So what happens when you take away the limitations that a small screen puts on mobile electronic health record apps? I'd hate to see a product like Allscripts Remote continue to function as if it still only had a 3.5" screen to work with. A 9.7" screen in a thin, lightweight 1.6 lb case, the iPad is just a big iPod touch with a comical name to most consumers, but in healthcare, it could be a killer piece of hardware that blows all those tablets and laptops out of the water. Integrate Dragon Medically Speaking and the addition of the rumored built-in camera, and this might be where EHR vendors start focusing a heavy chunk of their R&D.

If the focus shifts to the iPad for companies like Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and others, is it possible that physicians might be able to say that their EHR makes them faster?