Apple shows new iPhone Apps for Healthcare

As Apple unveils their new iPhone 3.0 features today at their World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, I'm excited to see them demonstrating some uses in healthcare. As you can see, the screenshots are of the iPhone being used for monitoring patient heart rates from anywhere you have cell coverage. The company that developed this software is Airstrip Technologies who first announced their Airstrip OB software at HIMSS. Apparently you can define the parameters you want to see on your iPhone, and the vitals are displayed.
It won't be long until physicians are able to document entire visits on their iPhone through the mobile version of their electronic health record. Allscripts Remote EHR is a product that I've been able to play with and while it doesn't allow you to get every piece of documentation in for a visit, it's certainly a great start. It will take more applications like this to really increase EHR adoption.


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