Is this Stimulus going to Make or Break Healthcare?

I've been reading all the Op-Eds, Blogs, Twitter posts for the past few weeks just trying to determine what the concensus is on this healthcare stimulus package. The only conclusion I've come to is that like anything in politics, there is no concensus. And of course, there is nobody that can forsee the impact it will have on patients, physicians, or the industry as a whole. So this is my attempt at compiling a list of interesting articles that can either confuse you to the point of exhaustion, or help you form your own opinion.

Feb 16th:
Don't sacrifice privacy when digitizing medical records:

Stimulus provides preview of health battle ahead (NPR)

Feb 13th:
Healthcare Reform Shaping up to be as Divisive as Stimulus Package:^1777860&ana=e_bjt (thanks

Senate's HIT funding FAQ (PDF):

NPR: Stimulus Provides Preview of Health Battles Ahead

Steve Pearlstein for the Washington Post writes "Bloviation vs. Reality on Stimulus Health-Care Provision"

An updated article from Feb 11th on Bloomberg says Patient Privacy advocates are claiming victory in new bill:

A copy of the Stimulus Plan:

Feb 11th:
The Wall Street Journal criticizes the healthcare stimulus package:

Feb 10th:
New York Times writes about the EMR and how to spend the stimulus money wisely:

Feb 9th:
Betsy McCaughey writes "Ruin Your Health with the Obama Stimulus Plan"


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